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The GCSM Outstanding Leadership award is presented to a member of the organization who demonstrates excellence and strong leadership in mathematics education. As a leader, this award recipient gives much to others beyond the classroom as a mentor, advocate, and global contributor to the improvement of mathematics education. The awardee is a math leader, which is professionally active, and promotes the GCSM mission.

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The 2021 GCSM Outstanding Leadership Recipient

Ms. LaTonya Mitchell

Alongside her current service on the Georgia Math Advisory Council, Ms. LaTonya concurrently serves as Vice President of Honors and Awards for the Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics (GCTM). Throughout her influential career, Ms. Mitchell has facilitated sessions at Summer Math Academics for GCTM and the Georgia Department of Education. She has also served on several local and state mathematics committees where she allows her passion and expertise to influence decision-making tied to classroom practice. Ms. Mitchell began her teaching career as an 8th Grade Algebra 1 teacher in Evans County. However, she spent the majority of her career as a high school mathematics teacher. Armed with a wealth of experience and ever-increasing expertise in the area of mathematics, Ms. Mitchell accepted a position as a K-12 mathematics specialist with the First District Regional Education Service Agency (RESA) following her tenure as a high school teacher. Ms. Mitchell left a long-lasting impact on improvements to classroom practice, across the region, through ongoing professional development and classroom modeling. Ms. Mitchell currently serves as the K – 12 Mathematics Curriculum Director for Valdosta City Schools. She continues to act on her fundamental belief that, given an equitable chance, all students have the potential to learn and thrive. Through ongoing classroom support, Ms. Mitchell continues her lifelong commitment to igniting passion for the teaching of mathematics. With intentional planning and attention to the specific needs of learners, she aims to equip teachers to implement authentic opportunities for students to internalize the reality that mathematics proficiency is critical to success.

The 2019 GCSM Outstanding Leadership Recipient


Bonnie Angel

Bonnie is the current Past President of the Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics and has served as Northwest Region Representative for GCTM.  She has written and facilitated Summer Math Academies for GCTM and GaDOE.  She currently serves on the Georgia Department of Education Math Advisory Council and has represented Georgia at national leadership conferences.  Bonnie has been a middle school teacher and an elementary and middle school administrator.  She is a state and national presenter and is the Mathematics Mentor at North Georgia RESA.

Bonnie believes that every child deserves the best possible math instruction.  In her words, "It is my goal to help as many teachers as I can to become the math teacher they want their own children to have.  I believe that we are on the right path and my desire is to create generations of students and adults who have a genuine love of the beauty of mathematics!"  GCSM congratulates Bonnie Angel who is very deserving of the 2019 GCSM Outstanding Leadership Award!

Pictured from left to right: Mark Henderson, VP (2017 - 2019); Bonnie Angel, recipient of GCSM Leadership Award; Jennifer Farrow, Secretary (2018 - 2020); and Linda Segars, Treasurer (2015 - 2019).

The 2018 GCSM Outstanding Leadership Recipient

Denise Huddlestun

Denise has served as Vice President of GCSM, as well as Vice President for Advocacy for GCTM. She planned and implemented several events: Math Day at the Capitol (2015, 2016) and Lunch and Learn for house and senate education committee members (2016). Denise was a middle school math teacher that led her to roles with Universities, DOE, and RESA. She has a desire to " teachers move beyond teaching algorithms to providing learning experiences that are engaging, relevant and develop conceptual understanding while helping their students see the relevance of mathematics in their daily lives and apply mathematics to real-world situations."   Denise currently works with the Metro RESA as a math mentor. GCSM congratulates Denise on receiving the 2018 GCSM Outstanding Leadership Award!

The 2017 GCSM Outstanding Leadership Recipient

Kaycie Maddox

Kaycie has served as GCTM President during 2014-2016 and as GCSM President during 2010-2012. She has served on local, state, and national mathematics committees. Currently, Kaycie is the Director of 9-12 Mathematics for Northeast Georgia RESA. Kaycie's definition of mathematics leadership is two-fold: "Developing and providing professional learning opportunities for classroom teachers and district leaders, as well as, providing a comprehensive vision on current mathematics content and pedagogy to educators and their leaders...parents, legislators, and higher-education leaders." GCSM congratulates Kaycie on receiving the first GCSM Outstanding Leadership Award!

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